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Co(re)-dinating Change

Locked-down into more sitting than before..? Missing your commute, gym closures, working longer days, is your body missing out..? Reduced movement activity could bring a cost to your muscles and joints because if you don’t use it you lose it. We lose co-ordination as we decondition.

When we move we demand blood to be pumped to our muscles. When we don’t move the distribution of blood in the body changes. Where blood is slowing the clotting agents in blood may start to form a thrombus. Some Doctors have reported an increase in large vessel strokes in people with Covid 19 who are under 50 (1) . One might consider not allowing their self to sit all day long.

Human movement can look graceful and beautiful. What lies beneath gliding motion is a body strength that is underpinned by muscle and joint co-ordination. Instead of your commute or lunchtime stroll get up and look to employ a variety of movement into your day. Sitting is only stressful on the hips when we lose the ability to use them properly. We can lose it through not using it. Co-ordinated muscular contractions within your body form efficient non-wearing movements. When I think of healthy muscle and joint co-ordination, I say, this is not co-ordination but it is co(re)-dination! When you have co(re)-dination your motion becomes lotion for your body’s sinews, ligaments, tendons and joints.

Be mindful that a change in activity, type, intensity and/or duration could stir up aches and pains, keep working through the first 3 weeks at least. Whether you are bouncing back to work or continuing as you are, don’t forget your body, there are no movement loans for now… See your chiropractor for some support and guidance because you are looking for a posture that can bounce back!

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‘Pause, just not for too long, to consider healthy activity during lockdown!’
e.g. Walk at a faster pace than a stroll (2).

Lee has trained in Yoga and in Tai Chi to complement his Chiropractic Care for you and to build his personal awareness of co-ordinated motion within his body. These ancient exercise systems have been handed down over hundreds of years and include a variety of movement. For support in modern or ancient physical activity, exercise or rehabilitation; book an appointment today.





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