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X-Rays and MRIs

As part of a consultation appointment you are screened for any suspicion of a serious medical condition being present. If you feel you need an x-ray or an MRI have a chat with Lee and see if there is a clinical indication. Fascia First Chiropractic has teamed up with the Linton House imaging centre in Cheltenham for MRI access. A place Lee has referred for over 15 years.

MRI from £250

For x-ray imaging Lee recommends the Walk in Centre in Yate. West Walk Surgery, 21 West Walk Yate. BS37 4AX open 8-8 every day. 

The NHS run Walk In Centre holds a Nurse or Paramedic led Strains, Sprains and Minor Injuries Clinic. You can turn up without an appointment.


What happens next (MRI):  

Once a clinical need is established and you agree, the imaging centre will be asked to make contact with you to make an appointment (At this point you can confirm the price as you will pay Linton house directly). Your imaging report will be prepared by a Medical Radiologist. Where needed additional comment can be sought from a Chiropractic Radiologist.


Your imaging may be used to identify a suspected serious condition, rule in a diagnosis or to help direct a plan of treatment for you. Images are not taken as a matter of course. If you are considering an MRI or imaging read this blog post first. The point of imaging is to direct treatment and not just to see what the insides look like.


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