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X-Rays and MRIs

Lee warmly welcomes you to the Treatment Pod, a home clinic setting where you can get a physical examination, be considered for imaging and receive muscle and joint treatment. As part of the physical examination the identification of dysfunction and how this can be correlated with your experience of pain is essential as is the identification of serious medical conditions. If you feel you need an x-ray or an MRI have a chat with Lee and see if there is a clinical indication. Fascia First Chiropractic has teamed up with the Linton House imaging centre in Cheltenham where all x-rays and MRI scans are referred. 


Referral for imaging is £35

X-rays from £105

MRI from £250

Special MR series for SpA £750

Once a clinical need is established you will need to pay the referral fee. The imaging centre will then be asked to make contact with you to make an appointment (At this point you can confirm the price for your x-rays or MRIs). You pay the imaging centre direct any imaging fees. The report is prepared by a medical doctor and the films remain the property of you, the patient. The images on disc and in hard copy are your responsibility to bring to appointments where they might be needed.  



Your imaging may be used to identify a suspected serious condition, rule in a diagnosis or to help direct a plan of treatment for you. Images are not taken as a matter of course. If you are interested in the research behind not taking images to see what you look like on the inside…. Read this blog post . The point of imaging is to direct treatment and not just to see what the spine looks like.

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