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For Lee, before Chiropractic was Gym Instruction and Shiatsu which both gave early transferable skills of communication, exercise application and an early development of a seeing therapeutic touch. From this base, ideas about motion being lotion and a variety of movement were born. Lee’s first Volunteer post was in a Polyclinica in Cuba in 2000 as a chiropractic student.

Why the Sore Arm..?!

The bi-directional nature of nerve impulses which help to map our body in our brain led Lee to gain certification in chiropractic extremity techniques known as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP). Lee completed Post Registration Training (PRT) at Winchester Chiropractic Clinic (‘Gonstead’) culminating in the professional courtesy award of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the European Chiropractors Union Board of Education.

Nutrition was the subsequent interest sparking phlebotomy training at the Royal Berkshire Hospital to draw blood for private laboratory testing and Public Health Nutrition training (level 7) at Southampton Medical School. At this time in Public Health Medicine, Health Education was evolving into Health Promotion cementing the importance of patient education. 


Lee’s self exploration of the experience of moving his body lead to a Practitioner Diploma in Qi Gong (ancient Chinese Exercise) from the London College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. From a science perspective one might say Lee studied interoception (internal bodily sensations) enabling him to develop a concept of habituating his body rather than taking his body for granted. An important epistemological step in his personal appreciation of some knowledge acquisition. Lee believes knowledge about his body comes from within even when pain is not present to motivate change or during a process of change. 


3 Key Perceptions


The first exploration of teaching occurred whilst being part of a steering committee to develop a chiropractic degree course at Kingston University. Further academic study achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Governance from the University of South Wales in 2011. Enabling Lee to share his further study as the opening speaker at the World Chiropractic Student Congress, 2014, in Leadership.

The students who invited me to speak are all now Doctors of Chiropractic

In 2015 Lee grabbed an opportunity to experience 150 hours of yoga training in Morocco giving him insights into the similarities and differences between ancient Chinese and ancient Indian language about body knowledge and approaches to exercising from the last few hundred years. It is such opportunities that inspire Lee to give back and over the years he has volunteered his skills in Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, and New Zealand.

Lee used to write accident reports for car accidents and workplace accidents. Following the insurance industry trying to stamp out the ‘gravy train’ of insurance claims the industry changed. Meaning the Civil Procedure Rules were applied and policed resulting in Chiropractors being overlooked for such work. Lee lobbied the UK Government over a 3 year period gaining support from Lord Dyson (through a collaboration with the Royal College of Chiropractors) who was Master of the Rolls and head of The Civil Procedure Rule Committee but unfortunately Lee received weak support from the chiropractic profession. The result was that the chiropractic profession is now a stakeholder with the Ministry of Justice’s Whiplash Task force to give a voice in preparation for when the profession could develop into this area. Med Co remains unchanged even though Lee was accredited by them for 3 years.



It was recognising the work to be done to help the Chiropractic Profession align with the wider UK society, existing and emerging Laws and good working practices that sparked legal scholarship at Cardiff University. Lee graduated in 2019 with an LLM Degree (Medical Law).

Lee is a member of the faculty at the University of South Wales where he has hopes to incorporate ethics education into the Chiropractic profession, believing that if the Chiropractic profession could use the philosophical language of the wider medico-legal society and a robust governance framework the profession of Chiropractic could become fully accepted in the UK. Through better understanding Lee recognises a chance for change and adaptation. For almost 20 years Lee has helped people with their experience of pain. He recognises that chiropractors seem to know what to do, yet as a profession in a wider societal context chiropractors have work to do on the why of what they do and not just produce population based scientific evidence. 

Lee has completed First Contact Practitioner Training from Health Education England to better understand MSK medicine from the perspective of the NHS. Believing that seeing both private and NHS approaches to MSK pain experiences he might improve his patient Care when communicating in a style similar to current NHS language. In an attempt to reduce uncertainty and engender trust for those people who are in or have been through pathways of NHS Care about their muscle and joint aches and pains. Lee is a Fellow and Mentor of the Royal College of Chiropractors.

Pear Drop Fracture following a Whiplash Type Trauma.

Lee practises an integrated approach to muscle and joint concerns drawing on the ancient and the modern, psychological and physical aspects of pain. Lee believes in being a teacher rather than a guru because that way the application of his knowledge and skills is patient led. Specifically when delivering Chiropractic Care he practises the SOT technique a (mostly gentle) full spine and cranial approach to improved pressure regulation and ‘healing better’.

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