Chiropractors are concerned about the health of ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints. Probably best known for helping people who have the unpleasant experience of some degree of pain in their body. If you have issues and concerns about your muscles, joints, ligaments and fascia or your body is just not meeting your expectations of how you’d like to feel book your appointment today.

Chiropractic means done by hand (Greek) but can also mean touch applied in a customary way (Ancient Latin). The customary way is today known as the Technique of the Chiropractor. There are several different techniques practised by Chiropractors in the UK. Come with an open mind because pre determined treatment expectations can account for up to 43% of physical symptom experience. See Stages of Care Framework.

Chiropractic can help to take the edge off your symptoms at first, and look to impact your MSK symptoms by more than half in 2 weeks, overall look to complete a course of Chiropractic Care for best symptom improvements. Take a look at my Track Record to see how others like you have responded to my Care.  Book your assessment today.

When you do book in and complete your treatment plan I might help you enough that you decide to talk to your prescribing clinician about reducing your pain medication use, or affect your Immune system at a cellular level or impact unwanted tummy sensations that you forgot to tell me about. Manual forces applied to your tummy aka Visceral Manipulation can help to reduce back pains. Manual forces applied to your head aka cranial manipulation utilises the natural motion of the skull bones, thought to improve whole spine pressure regulation. Your body will be treated as if it is one piece of machinery that is no longer in balance with itself. Manual Therapy might be applied to your limbs if they are thought to be affecting your issues or concerns. Because of this view all of your body will be assessed giving you a full work over of your body’s neuro-musculoskeletal movement. Once you are getting back to your normal there is an option to ask for exercises to help you prevent and maintain your body condition. Then you know the effort you put in to your body is right for you. 
An ‘all round’ Chiropractic visit would include all aspects of your body not just your back.