Sore Muscles, Painful Joints, Poor Posture?

Welcome to Fascia First Chiropractic where we can look after your body, and your mind, because being in pain can be scary and it can be confusing as to what to do for the best. We can’t always keep up with everything in life meaning the time we would look after our body is eaten into. Eventually it catches up with us. Sometimes the body is strained or pulled during activity. Whether your episode is from activity or inactivity the body can respond by incapacitating you, all the way down to, twinging away in the background.

Lee Wickham has helped thousands of spines, knees, necks, headaches, hips, migraines, shoulders etc… over the last 20 years.

Non-serious twinges are warnings that your spine could completely go, a time that is both incapacitating and surprising. When your back or neck completely goes it is a scary time and place. Where medication can do little to provide relief.

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Twinges are warnings, yet few people really know what to do for the best, shelving action until a return of the twinges. Advice can be conflicting rest, stay active, ice, heat etc… All adding to uncertainty and confusion. At Fascia First we provide an ordered treatment plan. Reducing feelings of uncertainty.

A return of those ‘old’ twinges are a further warning of a struggling body. In 20 years of clinical practise, I have learnt that action to help at the twinging stage is better than waiting for your spine to completely go.

Those who have had discomfort for years or who have established ‘bad’ backs, necks or heads that perhaps run in the family then reaching an appropriate maintenance plan is your best bet. Those who wish to be well and prevent rather than cure can ask about a regular treatment plan. The longer you leave it the more ingrained it can become…

Book now if you have had twinges for 3 days or more.

Fascia First Chiropractic is a friendly and effective service to help you with your body. Fascia first because gravity interacts with fascia sending signals to your brain about your body. These signals enable your brain to calculate how to coordinate your muscles and joints.

Poor sleep, sedentary lifestyle and bad diet can make matters worse.

Interventions at Fascia First Chiropractic are dose related, delivered in chunks so that your brain can learn a new normal for your body. The aim is to move you away from your usual with each treatment visit. Treatment visits build on the previous visits and this is how learning a new normal can happen.

Non-physical aspects to a pain experience
Non-physical or psychosocial aspects are to do with a sense of protection, previous experience of pain and an accumulated contextual meaning. Psychosocial aspects add to the ‘danger-ometer’. Scoring high on the danger-ometer means more pain, longer episodes, reoccurring episodes, and a time when pain is unrelated to tissue damage.

The culture at Fascia First Chiropractic is one of education, training, and explanations. Seeing every-one as an individual addressing individual bodily compensations and peeling back the compensatory layers to get to the root concern(s).

Coming from a Distance..? No Problem…
A Distance appointment is available to those who travel for over an hour and wish to reduce their travel load during a treatment plan. Distance appointments aim to provide two treatment visits into one appointment. Coming from afar to benefit from Lee’s approach needn’t be so onerous on your travel time, book your Distance appointment today. This appointment is not for locals!

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What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic means done by hand (Greek) but can also mean touch applied in a customary way (Ancient Latin). The customary way is today known as the Technique of the Chiropractor. 

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