Sore Muscles, Painful Joints, Poor Posture?

Welcome to Fascia First Chiropractic where your body can be professionally looked after and where you can be safe in the knowledge that Lee Wickham has helped thousands of spines, knees, necks, headaches, hips, migraines, shoulders and wrists over the last 20 years whilst being friendly and effective.

Knowing what to do when can be confusing as the body can be strained or sprained through activity or inactivity! 

Twinges are warnings that your spine could completely go. When your back or neck goes it is an incapacitating and surprisingly scary time. Where medication can do little to provide relief. The advice here is to…

…’Book while you Twinge‘!

Twinges are warnings, yet few people book until certain twinges return. Advice can be conflicting; rest, stay active, use ice, use heat etc… All adding to uncertainty and confusion. At Fascia First we provide an ordered treatment plan. Reducing feelings of uncertainty.

A return of ‘old’ twinges means your body is struggling but most twinges will resolve in 2 or 3 days! However when twinges are not starting to get better in 3 days or have gone on for weeks then you are not resolving your problem. See what we can help click here

Those who have had discomfort for years or who have established ‘bad’ backs, necks or heads, that perhaps run in the family, I’d aim to make an appropriate maintenance plan with you. For those looking to prevent we can make up a regular treatment plan together.

The longer you leave it the more ingrained it can become…

What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic means done by hand (Greek) but can also mean touch applied in a customary way (Ancient Latin). The customary way is today known as the Technique of the Chiropractor. Not all Chiropractors have the same technique. 

Fascia First because gravity interacts with fascia sending signals to your brain about your body. Signals that enable your brain to coordinate your muscles and joints.

‘Your Danger-ometer’
Non-physical or psychosocial aspects are to do with a sense of protection, previous experience of pain and an accumulated contextual meaning such as fear. Psychosocial aspects add to the ‘danger-ometer’ meaning more pain, longer episodes, and a time when pain is unrelated to tissue damage. More info here

Our Culture
At Fascia First Chiropractic we think education and explanations are paramount to understanding why your body hurts the way it does. Lee evaluates every-one as an individual peeling back compensations, like layers of an onion, to reach the root cause.

If you are interested in what a treatment plan could cost see here.

Coming from a Distance..? No Problem…
A Distance appointment is available to those who travel for over an hour and wish to reduce their travel load during a treatment plan. Distance appointments aim to provide two treatment visits into one appointment. This appointment is not for locals!

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