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Meet The Chiropractor

Lee believes one’s posture is only as good as that which one regularly does and it is that regularity that forms individual ‘normal’ posture. Over time posture can become more and more idiosyncratic. Compensations develop, posture, weight bearing, joint centring and muscular balance can all go out of the window. In clinical language uncoordinated muscles, joint instability and fascial stiffness all lead to poor posture. Bad postural habits can lead to painful muscles and joints that we can notice toward the end of the day or at the beginning of the next day. Being a creature of habit, one can get stuck in compensations, not knowing they have departed from ‘good’ posture. All you know is that you are stiff and achy.


Lee believes that compensations accumulate over time. The leave it and see approach to muscle aches and joint stiffness enables accumulation to occur. As there is no factory reset your brain simply doesn’t know what ‘good’ posture is. The upside is that the coordination of muscles and joints is learnable, adaptable aka neuroplasticity. We can learn to use tools and to move in ever more complex ways. Learning all of the good skills would be wiped out if we returned to a factory standard set up over night!!

Lee is a Registration Council Member of The Academy of Healthcare Scientists. Lee believes healthcare professionals show their honest intent by agreeing to have Regulatory oversight.

At the local grammar school Lee was a prefect, won the Geology academic prize at A level, was awarded a swimming scholarship at age 11 and a ten pin bowling scholarship to Florida State University at 18. He was selected by BSES for a schools expedition to Namibia building communications and has volunteered as a chiropractor in developing countries. Lee loves to snowboard, practise Qi Gong for exercise, has lectured at Universities, and has held a Fellowship with the Royal College of Chiropractors since 2008.

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