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Meet The Chiropractor


Lee looks to identify and ‘reset’ your bodily compensations that no longer help you and have become your usual. Clinically demonstrable by unco-ordinated muscles, joint instability, fascial stiffness and poor posture. Uncoordinated muscles and poorly centring joints can lead to distorted posture and a painful experience, whereas coordination of movement promotes repair over wear. Being creatures of habit, we can get stuck in our usual not knowing what is normal. Lee helps you to notice normal again taking your usual muscle, joint and posture back to normal.


The human body comes without factory reset, we accumulate bad habits as well as good habits.


Lee looks to promote the good habits of your body and to reset the bad habits of your body that derive from compensations. Leaving things or doing nothing simply increases the accumulation of compensations. Don’t get stuck not knowing, book a consultation in person today. 



May the person inside the body find enough freedom in their life to expertly utilise Chiropractic during their lifetime.



Lee works on the Board of the Academy of Healthcare Scientists as a Registration Council Member. The Academy looks to provide Regulation services for healthcare workers who do not have other Regulatory options. Lee believes healthcare professionals show their honest intent by agreeing to have Regulatory oversight.


Lee has been an international sportsperson, been awarded scholarships for sport and exploration in the third world and has completed an Ironman. In short he knows what it is like to move well and to move not so well. He enjoys snowboarding, practises Qi Gong and Yoga as exercise, has volunteered his chiropractic skills around the world, lectured at Universities and lives with his wife and family in Bristol. 

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