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Expertise and Culture

The body philosophy at Fascia First is that no one part of the body operates in isolation. Bringing about balance in a person’s body is the ultimate goal of any treatment plan. Fascia First, because healthy fascia helps the brain coordinate muscles and joints.

Lee studied Chiropractic at The University of South Wales, graduated in the inaugural class of 2001, and was awarded the title D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic), by the European Board of Chiropractic Education in 2003. Lee has not stopped learning being enthused by the mechanics of body movement, pain and recovery since graduation. In 2008 Lee was voted in by his peers as a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors and in 2011 gained a PG D in Clinical Chiropractic Development from the University of South Wales. In 2019 Lee graduated once again with an LLM degree from Cardiff University in Medical Law. 

Lee Wickham BSc (Hons), PG.D, LL.M, DC, FRCC

Lee integrates cognitive, psychological and emotional knowledge when helping people with understand why their body hurts. Having studied a variety of psychological interventions such as CBT, ACT, DBT and MI. 




What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic means done by hand (Greek) but can also mean touch applied in a customary way (Ancient Latin). The customary way is today known as the Technique of the Chiropractor. 


Why Fascia…?

When muscles get stiff the measure of stiffness is relative to the tension of fascia surrounding muscles. As a muscle is exercised it expands pushing out against the surrounding fascia. Picked up by nerves found within fascia. Making fascia the sensory organ for muscular stiffness.

Fascia contains specialist nerves that provide muscles with their motor (go) signals, proprioception (co-ordination / strength) and force transmission feedback. When fascia is faulty, muscular spasm or weakness might result. Muscles require faulty fascia to spasm. Imbalanced musculature leads to wearing of joint cartilage making joints unstable, which abnormally loads fascia, resulting in pain signals sent to the brain.

Nerves themselves have a fascial sheath that contain them. A fascial sheath with its own nerves sensing nerve motion discrepancies sending signals downstream giving the impression of a ‘trapped’ nerve.

Stress can confuse fascia through something called autonomic tone and the amount of circulating adrenaline can cause fascia to constrict blood vessels. Stress causes us to breath differently which can impact pH levels something the myofibroblasts (muscles within fascia) are sensitive to. Causing tightness.

During an immune response such as a cold it is your fascia that causes that all over body stiffness feeling. All made possible through a molecule called TGF-B1 that looks to increase immune cells called t-cells.  

Free nerve endings from fascia end in the insula of the brain informing your brain as to the overall condition of your body in pH, temperature and ion content. The insula is a part of the brain that helps one know if I am ok or not. The insula has been implicated in MSK pain syndromes.

Chiropractic Technique

SOT is a type of Chiropractic approach to resolving muscle and joint concerns that identifies the body as a whole. Lee complements spinal manipulation with Visceral, and cranial manipulation. Manipulating the cranium to improve the natural motion of the skull bones and influencing the organ tree to have flexibility are both thought to be complementary to a healthy spine. 

A complete course of treatment aims to improve joint function and muscular coordination. Exercises can figure in your treatment plan, but will come at the point of increasing confidence about how you can move in your body. Pain intensity duration and frequency is not just about injuries or damage . Lee has particular interests in yoga and Tai Chi as forms of exercise for muscle and joint health. As part of the plan Lee may incorporate CBT or other psychological approaches to an end of helping you to reach your goals. Its not just physical or only in the mind, pain is a product of both and therefore both should be addressed when regaining one’s health. 

See when other people’s sore muscles and painful joints improved.

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