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Meet The Chiropractor

Lee Believes compensations accumulate over time.
Over time posture can become more and more idiosyncratic. Compensations develop, posture, weight bearing, joint centring and muscular balance can all go out of the window. In clinical language uncoordinated muscles, joint instability and fascial stiffness all lead to poor posture. All you know is that you are stiff and achy or your back has gone or your neck has seized.

The leave it and see approach to muscle aches and joint stiffness enables accumulation to occur. As there is no factory reset your brain simply doesn’t know what ‘good’ posture is.

About Lee
At the local Grammar school Lee was a Prefect, won the Geology academic prize at A level, was awarded a swimming scholarship at age 11 to Millfield and a ten pin bowling scholarship to Florida State University at 18. He was selected by BSES for a schools expedition to Namibia building communications and has volunteered as a Chiropractor in developing countries over the past two decades.

Lee Wickham trained at The University of South Wales where he was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Chiropractic. As part of his postgraduate clinical training he accomplished a Doctoral level of expertise. A year after graduation, he was awarded the title D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic, by the European Board of Chiropractic Education). Specialising in Spinal, extremity, visceral and cranial adjusting, for various muscle and joint concerns. Over the following 20 years Lee has continuously updated his knowledge and education at Masters level. Studying Public Health and Nutrition, Clinical Governance, Exercise and Rehabilitation, Medical Acupuncture, MSK primary Care Medicine with Health Education England and Medical Law and Ethics. Before COVID 19 Lee was invited back to USW to teach in ‘Chiropractic Technique’ and ‘Neuro-Orthopaedic’ classes. Lee has registered with the Centre for Advanced Practice (HEE) and was voted in by his peers as a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors in 2008. 

Lee is a Qi Gong Practitioner (includes Tai Chi) and integrates the principles of Yoga into a holistic approach to exercise for muscle coordination (strength) and joint stability (repair).

From the beginning of Lee’s training he worked with and embraced a whole person perspective. He integrates cognitive, psychological and emotional knowledge when helping people with chronic health conditions effecting impressive change.

Lee loves to snowboard, practise Yoga and Qi Gong for health.


Lee is a Registration Council Member of The Academy of Healthcare Scientists.
Lee believes healthcare professionals show their honest intent by agreeing to have Regulatory oversight.

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