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Price List and Booking

Lee Wickham is a Chiropractor with postgraduate training in spinal, extremity, visceral and cranial adjusting, British Medical Acupuncture, Exercise Instruction (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga), Road Traffic Incident injury assessment and Reporting, and MSK Primary Care Medicine with Health Education England. At Level 7 Lee has studied Exercise and Rehabilitation, Clinical Governance, and Medical Ethics (End of Life Care). Since 2008 Lee has integrated his MSK practise with psychotherapy and formal CBT training. 

Booking Page 

Prices listed are per session.


Appointment Type Price
Chiropractic Appointment £ 45
Online MSK Initial Consult £ 60 
Online MSK Appointment  £ 60
Integrated Psych/Phys MSK Appointment  £120
Distance MSK Appointment £ 80
Postural Assessment £ 25







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