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The Chiropractic Initial Consultation includes: a Physical Examination, Postural Analysis, Health Advice, ‘Report of Findings’ and Treatment, in a single visit.

Click on the service below to make an appointment. 

If you’d prefer to speak to someone before deciding to book call 07307 624 327. or send a text anytime when it suits you.

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We are in the Stoke Gifford area of North Bristol, within easy access of the M5 and the M4, and Parkway Train Station.

Free roadside parking is available outside the practice. 

New To Fascia First Chiropractic..?

Your Initial Consultation is a welcoming and friendly appointment consisting of a physical examination, health advice, a ‘Report of Findings’, and Postural Analysis, as well as Chiropractic Treatment all in one session. Driven by the value of Compassion: to do something as soon as possible and based on your agreement. 

Your concerns will be related to your whole body, and you’ll be given an opinion of the likely pain generators, muscular imbalances and joint deterioration.

Online Appointment..?

Online appointments provide access to health advice, professional opinion about your concern(s) helping you to make a plan, understand likely sources of pain, good exercises to do or rehabilitation movements to perform and where appropriate a clinical rationale for imaging, like an x-ray or an MRI.

A link will be sent for payment (or BACS details if preferred) at the same time as the invite to access the online meeting space. 

Driving over an Hour..?

If you are travelling for an hour or more you can be a Distance Customer, qualifying for a different structure to your treatment schedule. Facilitating your ability to stay or get well with fewer in person trips than if you were local. A unique strategy Lee has learned through his many years of volunteering in less fortunate communities, where making a helpful impact in a short space of time was the only plan available.

Mind / Body Healing..?

If you see yourself as on a Mind and Body healing journey or you realise that injury can be more than physical and how non-physical injury can be perceived exactly the same as physical injury then choose the Psyc / Phys appointment. A ground breaking collaboration between Psychotherapy and Chiropractic. 

Includes inter therapist collaboration, when you aren’t around, to allow for the partnership of Mind and Body healing to be understood in the same context. Text and e-mail support are utilised to assist care giving you support with worries, concerns, excitements, motivations, exercises, or as an outlet for you to express yourself.

Do you have reoccurring body pains and are curious about the Mind Body link, then look no further, because damage can be; moral, psychological, social and visceral as well as the much more obvious slips and falls of a physical injury.

Need to Know..?

Your booking will be confirmed by e-mail which will contain a link to the Fascia First Chiropractic App. Text reminders will be sent to your mobile on how to get here, that we prefer contactless payments and serve as an appointment reminder.

Please advise if you have COVID. Surfaces are regularly cleaned, the treatment table is sanitised for every person, masks, PPE, chlorine cleaning and UV sanitisation are used to combat the spread of transmissible infections.  

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