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Think of movement like your diet – variety is key.
Ask yourself how you can maintain your variety of movement (not the same as variety of tasks)

Over time we become steadily better and better at moving in our habitual way AKA my muscle and joint patterns. Eventually we whittle down our movement patterns to a pattern, which, in my opinion, will lead to over-reliance on too few tissues leading to abnormal loading, the cause of wear and tear. Wear and tear is also known as degeneration. The goal therefore for every body is to spread the load of gravity, lifting carrying and exercising across many different tissues. For example walk with a synchronous core and hip to ensure you are not wearing out your hip… Chiropractic can help you to improve your variety of movement.

The BEAM trial showed at 12 months follow up the exercise group did not retain their improvements in pain relief whilst the SMT group did. The variety we gain from periodic adjustments is effective and makes sense. SMT could be said to facilitate a training response.

Repeated tasks, or activities should achieve for your body an increase in strength (I use strength here to simplify) through the training response. Conversely if you find your day to day activities and /or occupational tasks are making you weaker, wearing you down and even causing you pain then you have not achieved a training response for your body.

Following SMT, by approximately 6-8 weeks, if your body is not ‘getting it’ fully, the wall squat can be given to balance out lost integration in the low back caused by excessive sitting. Any routine needs adherence for at least 4 months to learn new muscular co-ordination. Working on your posture can take a variety of approaches as there is no one perfect exercise routine for everybody. Why you would be better off with professional advice tailored to your body’s current condition: See your Chiropractor.
Internal Exercise

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