Variety of Movement

Repeated movements have been implicated in degeneration (wear and tear) as well as building muscle and making people stronger. Which one is it? Do the tasks that you repeatedly perform wear you down or do they build you up?

When a human body performs a task it doesn’t always complete that task in the same way because human movement is imperfect. The brain uses sensory information from the body to control and adapt the motor output to muscles and joints. Sometimes the sensory motor nerve signals go into Chinese Whispers. An extreme of this was achieved experimentally when all participants were given an out of body experience.

Maintaining the variety of movement within your body is different to maintaining a variety of tasks. The variety of motion that is important is the way you internally or subconsciously move.

What Can I do..?

I. Pay attention to the 5 aspects of your symptoms,
II. Visit your Chiropractor (to test your function)
III. Allow the requisite time for healing to take place and
IV. Finish your course of Chiropractic treatment.

Muscular healing, continues even when symptoms have cleared. Muscles are not necessarily better just because your symptoms have resolved (see Hides et al). Getting your approach correct can save you in the long run and evidence suggests that Chiropractic Care could be your longer term better bet.