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C7 What can I do..?

Repeated movements have been implicated in degeneration and wear and tear as well as building muscle and making people stronger. Which one is it?
Do the tasks that you repeatedly do wear you down or do they build you up?

When a human body performs a task it doesn’t always complete that task in the same way. For example walking into a room, putting on a hat, turning to see what is there… etc

Maintain the variety of movement within your body not just the variety of tasks you perform…
There is no superior exercise or movement system / class. Do something / anything regularly for 4 – 9 mo. Over the next 6-9mo look for another activity. Doing something regularly is key. Continue to change exercises / classes / activities until you find something you like and stick at it. Learn about your body within that discipline or system. Upon repeating simple movements enough times you will develop an awareness of how you are moving internally, building up your own concepts about your body.

Building up concepts about your body through physical movement(s) is what you can do for you.

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