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In Pain? Stay Active…?

NHS Offerings for Chronic Pain include talking therapies, group exercise, anti-depressant medication, acupuncture and advice to stay active (1). Even though it is well known that changing your diet will help (2), NICE do not allow doctors to give dietary advice for primary chronic pain.

Recently it has been shown that Spinal Manipulative Therapy does not immediately change pain (3). However, another research group found that using the appropriate manual therapy for the individual’s concern can quickly impact a pain experience (4).

Very recently a group of researchers in Sweden demonstrated that manual therapies for non-specific back and or neck pain is less costly and more beneficial than giving advice to stay active (5).

For those of us in the UK, the offerings your doctor is allowed, by NICE, to recommend to you are not going keep your body running smoothly. Because your body is learning it’s normal all the time. The longer you leave it the more ingrained bad movement habits can become.


Book your consultation today and think of it as an investment in a future older me.



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