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Balancing Your Hips

The hips can be divided into two different parts the anatomical hip and the hands on the hips hip. Functionally speaking the anatomical hip and ‘hands on the hips’ hip are closely intertwined. The leg generates motion from the feet on the ground, in a front to back direction, that propels us forward when we walk. However, the foot twists, the knee twists and the hip twists into the pelvis at the anatomical hip at an oblique angle meaning the leg generates spiral motion that is passed up into the pelvis via both the anatomical hip and the ‘hands on the hip’ hip pushing from either side into the lumbar spine. When one hip or leg is dominant / compensating then the spine is unevenly loaded.

Thus, the spine must twist to perform everyday tasks. It is the degree of twist from each side that is key. In an ideal world both hips would twist into the spine, loading to the same degree. If one hip is working harder than the other hip then the spine will get loaded more one side than the other. Creating an uneven load to the spine irritating the spinal joints forming what is known as facet joint arthrosis. Because uneven use of the joints of the body leads to wear rather than repair.

The body is subjected to psychological, emotional, spiritual, chemical and mechanical, interferences within the nervous system, and movement is always subject to gravity (a 10 kg force one can easily forget about). Our self is subjected to a working life or family life that may not facilitate good postural or movement practises. No one is perfect, there is benefit in asking for help.

When avoiding strains to your spine balancing the hips is very important. Lee is here to assist you in your pursuit of body balance, as well as from a body maintenance perspective. Begin today getting support for your body, your future self will thank you. Start your booking here

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