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The Common Cold and COVID this Winter…

The discovery of Coronavirus in 1947, showed the scientific community how animals were infected and affected by the virus. Coronavirus has been tracked through multiple animal species (1), before reaching humans. In 2003, a Beta variant infected 8000 people in China, killing 10-15% of infected people (2). COVID 19 was the human coronavirus infectious disease of 2019 (often shortened to just COVID).

Professor Anthony Harnden was reported as saying flu, aka the common cold, could be a bigger problem than COVID during the 2021 winter (3). However, Government reports the flu vaccine as only 15% effective (4).




The common cold is cause by the Rhinovirus, a single strand of RNA that tends to cause respiratory tract infections. The infections are normally mild yet are responsible for a significant impact on productivity. Rhinovirus tends to worsen COPD and Asthma, through an increase in lung inflammation loading the immune system. The obvious question being: If my lungs have been weakened by the flu would this make Coronavirus more virulent…?


Whilst we will all take our chances, some of you will be interested to know that a study in 2012 demonstrated the natural plant flavonoid Quercetin combats Rhinovirus at a cellular level. At the human experience level quercetin reduces the impact upon productivity by the common cold (5). Reducing sickness but not illness. Could taking quercetin this winter make the difference for you or your loved ones…?


Luckily quercetin is available in supplemental form meaning one does not have to overdose on onions and cappers! The effect of taking a Quercetin supplement is to support your lungs through this coming potentially viral laden winter. If you are interested in experiencing a healthy body looking into a ‘COVID diet’ (6) and booking a Chiropractic Consultation could support you in your overall maintenance or preventative health goals. From natural approaches to your body to natural approaches to the world we live in.



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