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Yoga Chiropractor

Yoga has been practised for centuries, since Pantanjali wrote Yoga Sutures in the 4th century (1). The original reference for the beginning of Yoga, which described sitting posture for meditation, or in other words inner work, not external postures. Contemporary Yoga has become a trend of flexible people getting into ever more complex twists, balances, and postures. However, as Pantanjali implied, Yoga is about inner work and not an external demonstration of flexibility, balance, or strength. The inner work of Yoga takes a strength to overcome oneself whatever the external posture and has familiar ideas and concepts to Qi Gong exercises which also have internal elements and external forms.

Practising Yoga does not mean you are going to be injury free. In 2009 a team based at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons sent out a global survey to those who teach yoga, to ask about known injury occurrences. The most often injured area of the body was the lower back (231), the shoulder (219) knee (174) and then the neck (110) (2). Generally, from people pushing themselves faster than the adaptability of their body tissues. Taking one away from the restraint described by Pantanjali. Partnering up your efforts in yoga with the skill of a yoga literate Chiropractor would give one their best possible guide that they are not pushing it too hard. Intermittent practise is more likely to cause injury in my opinion, where yoga practise is not consistent.

Lee has spent 150 hours at a residential yoga camp in Morocco learning about yoga from a variety of instructors and through his own interest as to how the internal ideas of Yoga correlated with his learnings in Qi Gong and Chiropractic. Lee qualified to teach Qi Gong in the UK in 2008. In Chiropractic one of the founding ideas was of energy flow from ‘above, down, inside, out’, describing the innate flow of energy within a human being. A flow that must have a healthy conduit, the spine. In Qi Gong head posture is the start to healthy posture, as is the case in Chiropractic.

It is rare to find a Chiropractor who has undertaken such training. If you are a keen yoga practitioner or class participant Lee could help you with your body blockages. Book today and start supporting your body in your yoga / life journey.



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