Patient Services

Have some fun with postural pictures, send them in from anywhere in the world and get back an assessment of how wonky you are and likely muscular weakness / inhibition. Postural faults where obvious will be mentioned and suggestions for rehabilitative exercise(s) will be given in a format that any personal trainer can understand and implement for you. Click the link below send in the pics and receive within 24 hours your postural assessment for only £4! We think muscular balance and posture are important enough to make this type of information accessible to everybody.

£4 online Posture Assessment

Chiropractic Care

Clinical services of Chiropractic Care include interventions to help your brain better understand your body and therefore learn toward a helpful new normal. Get out of your usual habits. If you visit in person your plan of care will include self limiting thoughts and challenges to enable you to change. The intricacy of brain and body can be one and the same symptom. This is why there is such an overlap between MSK disorders, anxiety and depression. At Fascia First we have noticed 50% of people (of our clinical sample) with MSK pain have concomitant anxiety and or depression related issues normally phrased as psycho-social. Healing is both body and brain, freeing your mind to work toward your potential.

Stages of Care

  1. Is Change Possible? – The first appointment is all about looking to see if change is possible.
  2. The second appointment is about- How Long Does It Last? The second appointment ideally would be 3 days after your first appointment.
  3. Implementation of treatment at a pace that you can benefit over and above the Probability of Recovery Curve (placebo).
  4. The plan of Care will be designed over a 4 month period and may be as little as 5 or 6 visits or could be as high as 10-12 visits. There will be those who fall outside of this ballpark less than or more than. The what, why and how that you require will be talked through with you.
  5. Your new normal may involve normalisation (back to normal) or it could be surpassing your previous usual.
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