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Reaching for Painkillers..?

National Health Service (NHS) Commissioners appear to struggle to fund effective treatments for back pain (1) and 40% of NHS staff sickness is categorised as back pain (2). If effective treatment within a caring culture was available then staff members would also gain access to such services. A cultural shift may be required within the NHS to impact staff sickness of musculoskeletal origin not to mention the 8 million adults with chronic pain(3) in the general UK population. Until then it could well fall to you to go private.

Because current thinking doesn’t have to learn from previous thinking current or majority thought is not one and the same as being right. New concepts come to the fore at a certain time that such concepts make sense, money or fame. For example taking pain killers only to ‘kill’ your muscle aches, joint stiffness, and body pains, can delay your body’s healing (4) and have life altering side-effects (5).

As an alternative concept it might be good to know that a body can be assisted in healing through the application of beneficial forces applied to body tissues whilst the edge be taken off by painkillers. Forces akin to those placed upon your body tissues as if you were able to individually rehabilitate them. Of course no component in the body can be voluntarily and individually exercised. At Fascia First Chiropractic a manual intervention is designed around an anatomical triangulation of the likely source of your embodied experiences of sore muscles, stiff joints and body pain. Framed in the context of how you identify with your aches and pains. Assisting your (only) body today just might be as easy as seeing a chiropractor.


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