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The Brain Pulse.

Since the 1930’s Chiropractors and then Osteopaths have described a motion to the human skull and relating this motion to the balance of neck and shoulder muscles and joints. Furthermore, Chiropractors holding people’s heads for long enough started noticing pulses and pump-like feelings through their sensitive hands.

The intricate relationship of how blood gets into and out of the brain has long been considered important in Chiropractic. A subtle sensation, that the right clinician might tune into, caused by the heart’s vascular pump mechanism. I say the right clinician because I’m talking about a skill that is not taught to undergraduate Chiropractors and one that takes about 5 years to agree with each other as to what is being felt.

Chiropractors have been sharing the existence of pulses, without a specific scientific methodology, between each other and how to manipulate the pulse(s) for the benefit of people like you.

In the last two years science seems to have caught up. Magnetic Resonance Imaging aka MR imaging has a variant known as MRI-S or in more recent times MRS Imaging. A technology that has been able to show what Chiropractors may have been feeling over the last 80 years. The motion of the brain. A movement caused by the pumping of blood by the heart into the brain. See for yourself…

Personally I can’t wait to see when the technology shows the rhythmic nature to the entire CNS (brain and spine). Getting your spine adjusted might be way better for you than just loosening off tight muscles and unsticking stuck joints that have become painful.

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