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The Human Body as a ‘Bag’ of Water.

The human body is >70% water. Internal bodily fluids need to be pumped around the body by movement bathing the inner structures. Even when you are still bodily fluids are on the move. For example Lymph and blood still move even when you are still. If you can imagine when an area of your body is tight pushing fluid into a tight space is not very efficient. Meaning the tight space is not bathed. Inflammation may arise from a lack of internal WD40. A reconsideration of ‘The Biotensegrity Model’ has given rise to The Rapid Adaptability of Internal Network (RAIN) model (1).

The concept of motion being lotion for the internal components of the body describes a desirable function of movement. When one’s body has varying states of tight and loose then one can imagine fluid motion is not even and well balanced.

The development of a body takes evolutionary time to enable adaptation to it’s environment.

Something true for the hadal zone snail fish who lives at 6000m depth in the sea. A fish so fragile it’s body will fall apart when taken out of water, an animal that has adapted over the last 20 million years to carry the weight of 1600 elephants. A very strong body because it is fluid with its environment. Meaning the weight of the sea does not press onto it. Being fluid in nature forces are pacified. When a human body is not fluid then it does not move internal fluids around the inside nooks and crannies and it allows for force or weight to accumulate at particular sites. Meaning some sites are worn down and others are not.

Because the human environment is physical and psychological. When booking your appointment look to see if your Chiropractor is psychological astute as they are physically knowledgeable… 





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