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Ancient Concept of the Human Body Rediscovered.

Bodily fluids shape the internal architecture of your body like water shapes rock. Lymph and blood motion are involved in force allocation, adaptation, inflammation and hormonal aspects of your body’s internal environment. A reconsideration of The Biotensegrity model has given rise to The Rapid Adaptability of Internal Network (RAIN) model (1). Bringing ancient Chinese concepts out of the easy to misinterpret terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine into western science speak.

The concept of Motion being Lotion describes a desirable adaptation as opposed to a degenerative adaptation. Something true for the hadal zone snail fish who lives at 6000m depth in the sea. A fish so fragile it’s body will fall apart when taken out of water, an animal that has adapted over the last 20 million years to carry the weight of 1600 elephants. A very strong body because it is fluid with its environment. A lesson to be learnt by humans to be more at ease with their body in how it functions and doesn’t function.

Looking after your body without the assistance of a Chiropractor is less healthy because the human brain doesn’t have facility to know the difference between the beneficial (in the long run) adaptation or the damaging adaptation. Choices of wearing me out or Motion is Lotion are made on only a short term, pretty much instant, goal. Operating any long term plan with only short term goals becomes problematic. The way you move, take part in physical activity, exercise and how you have rehabilitated injuries are all short term subconscious brain strategies about your body. Chiropractic assistance in looking after your body is a longer term plan with short and longer term goals in mind. Chiropractic Care can be regular or irregular in timing as part of your healthy lifestyle. In the long run the benefit is yours to keep.

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