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When Deep Pain Is Not Deep Trouble

Croton Oil an old psychiatric punishment for patients being held at a psychiatric hospital and is these days used for skin exfoliation. When Croton oil is topically applied it can give us an idea of the type of pain that originates at the dermis, the most superficial section of fascia in the human body.

Chiropractic helps you to heal better not instantly feel better….

Croton Oil brings on a sharp pain experience coupled with a deep pain experience. This fact enables us to imagine the pain pathways from fascia that relay the sharp and deep pain experiences.

Deep pain does not necessarily mean a deep structure is injured. Neither does sharp pain, often called an acute pain, mean that we have active damage or a nerve entrapment. Fascia can give rise to both deep and sharp pain experiences thus why it’s Fascia First Chiropractic. For people who have deep, sharp or both pain experiences I’d say finish your course of Chiropractic Care. If you haven’t started a course of Chiropractic Care nor have a chiropractor who regularly looks after your body act now before the something’s wrong with me psychology kicks in.

Keeping on top of your fascial condition can be done with regular variety of movement (Tai Chi, yoga and Pilates) and with regular Chiropractic Care, in my humble opinion. Don’t let tight muscles and stiff joints build up from fascial deconditioning.

Fascia First is what I say..!

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