Chiropractic Care (SMT)

Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) is effective in adults with acute, subacute and chronic back pain as well as arm and leg muscles and joints (1). SMT has a better outcome than medication for mechanical neck pain (acute, subacute and chronic) (2). Mechanical neck pain is an experience from muscles and joints of the neck. Muscles and joints of the neck can also give head pain (cervicogenic headache). SMT is effective at treating cervicogenic headache and migraine as well as some types of dizziness (1).

Movement can be alleviating and can lead on to exercise. Any SMT can complement movement and exercise efforts you are regularly putting into your life. Changing from your usual to a new normal is like learning a new PIN as you forget your old PIN (3).

Even if you experience reduced symptoms straight away or within two weeks of starting your Chiropractic Care (which includes SMT) your Care plan should be designed over 4 months. To help reinforce a healthier muscle and joint pattern of movement. It goes without saying that one ought to finish their course of Care to achieve their best results. Where your Care Plan remains incomplete expect your symptoms to reoccur.  

Chiropractic Care (4) is includes all interventions provided by a Chiropractor that are intended to improve health such as SMT. Other examples of Chiropractic Care are: Movement, Exercise, Rehabilitation, health prevention advice, Public Health promotion, preventative lifestyle / workplace environment measures, and adjunct therapies such as ultrasound and Shockwave Therapy. A Chiropractor may also include change models in the Care Plan.

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