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Manipulation (SMT)

Spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) is effective at helping people with back and neck pain. Amalgamating the Osteopathic and Chiropractic literature together SMT is also good for headaches and migraines. The basic premise is maintaining your body map in your brain. Common language tells us that our back has gone; where exactly has it gone? In the map in your head the body components are lost if they are not used. When a muscle holds or a joint sticks together then it becomes silent to the brain. Silence to the brain means the body part is no longer in use or perhaps part of the body. Hence you begin to compensate through the available body tissues that are still present in the brain’s map of your body.

SMT involves imparting a high velocity movement to the human body. Essentially resetting muscular tone and opening joints against their naturally adhesive environment (once fixated or approximated). When joints and muscles begin to move again, they register with the brain map of the body and the brain alters how the body moves in a way that is often unnoticed by the person consciously. People who practise Yoga, Tai Chi, dance etc will have a good kinaesthetic awareness and will probably notice. If you are sedentary you will certainly not notice. Joints and muscles are there to help us to move.

The idea of moving differently is often confused with the idea of being mindful or taking care or watching where I’m going; all of these strategies are not helpful and if they were true we’d not go wrong in the first place. You can’t decide to just start moving differently and actually get that result physically. Utilise SMT to go with your exercise routine and to progress to a new normal that is healthier than your old normal movement patterns derived from your brain’s map of your body. Altering what your experience of your body means about you and your body.

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