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When Only Chiropractic Will Do…

A 10 year old boy who suffered repeated stuck neck, known technically as torticollis or colloquially as wry neck, presented to the medical team and imaging was taken in the form of x-ray and CT. The fact the imaging was taken tells you it was a complex case. He was subjected to traction multiple times including Halo traction (screws into the head) over a 6 month period and he continued to experience his stuck neck usually turned to the right. The traction resulting iatrogenic-ally in an overcorrection and at 7 months a decision was made to refer him to a Chiropractic Clinic nearby to the hospital.


Despite the persistent radiological evidence of atlanto axial instability, after 5 months of Chiropractic Care he was symptom free and had near normal neck movement and posture. This meant that in conjunction with agreement from his prescribing clinician he could come off of the acetaminophen he was taking that had unfortunately given him gynaecomastia. The pain killer’s effect on the regulation of sex hormones was overlooked.


The diagnosis was atlantoaxial rotatory subluxation, which is an underlying ligamentous instability, corrected by careful and precise Chiropractic Care. This (1) case report shows Chiropractors have the knowledge skills and competencies (KSCs) to help children with their developing spines but are also safe even when there is an abnormality including instability.

Chiropractic Care in this instance was more helpful than Medical Care and more effective and safer. All the big crackers on You Tube may mislead the public into believing that Chiropractic is only about the crack…

If you think your child could benefit from cranial manipulation book them in after lockdown when I can help them and assist you with your concerns.



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  1. HI Eric, thanks for looking in on Fascia First. It was a pleasure to be able to share insights into Chiropractic Care, keep up your good work 🙂

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