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How Fascia First Views Back Pain

A concern in the lower back includes differentiating facet joint inflammation, muscle inhibition, uneven bones (atropism), disc issues and serious medical pathology. Knowing when to image, when and where to refer are key aspects to helping those in an emergency. For the most part 97-99% of the time lower back pain is not a medical emergency. However, most of the time lower back pain can be a very painful experience.

A neutral spine, muscular resting tone and dynamic balance with joint centre loading are all healthy goals to reach for when strength, confidence and coordination are desirable attributes. When joints do not centre load wear and tear occurs. Muscles that do not appropriately coordinate during motion cause joints to be ‘off-centre’.

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Muscles and joints coordinate through trial and error which builds into an expectation, an experience of what usually happens. It is this experience of what usually happens that becomes your normal experience of moving and living in your body. However, your expected usual can depart from a healthy normal.

Pain is an emotional experience and can be felt in the body as a physical injury. Social pain will fire the same part of the brain as physical pain and thus create the same experience. Being psychological beings there are many opportunities to activate the brain in a way that makes it more pain sensitive.

If you have a physical examination of your body through a psychosocial framework and receive interventions through a connective tissue (fascial) lens, then you are almost certainly being examined and treated at Fascia First Chiropractic.

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