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Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy

Congratulations you are pregnant, but now you have pains… in the groin, in the abdomen, down the legs, around the back, across the shoulders and tension in your neck and shoulders… What can you do…? According to the NHS those persons with pelvic pain whilst pregnant will require manual therapy to help their pelvis joints move evenly. Uneven movement of joints leads to wear and tear. You may notice that as the ‘uneven-ness’ of the pelvis joints begin to take their toll on the body, beginning in the first trimester, ribs become irritated.

The pelvis bones are involved in actions such as turning over in bed, getting in and out of the car, taking long steps or walking on stairs and bending forward. Other less common signs are not able to straight up, discomfort on both sides / across the lower back, groin sharpness and and aches down the back of your leg. Typically pain is diffuse, meaning you can’t pin point the centre of the pain or the centre of the pain changes position.

What you can do is to have your body checked over by Lee once you are starting to show or before 24 weeks. Any minor ‘uneven-ness’ is easier to change sooner than later. Leaving it may lead to any uneven pelvic joint motion to be magnified as you grow.

Lee has helped pregnant women for 20 years, when he has been able to impact pain experiences from first show to the day before delivery. Lee has helped teenage mums and mums in their 40’s, essentially all ages. No need to keep that lower back pain to accompany you through all stages of labour and beyond… When the pain experience lasts beyond pregnancy the logical mind incorrectly reaches for damage as an explanation of why a pain experience continues. Thus being a fait accompli for reaching any resolution. Don’t get stuck with damage about your body in your mind.


Pelvis as a Wing Nut model

Looking at the pelvis as though it is a wing nut (see picture for the outline) allows one to imagine how the top of the body and the sides of the body need to be in balance or the pelvis joints will compensate and move unevenly.



Lee’s care concentrates on this factor to facilitate the whole body approach to the pelvis. Exercises can be given to complement care if the lady is doing well otherwise uneven pelvic joints ‘often’ mean exercise seems to make it better at first then its bad again (they don’t work!). The aim of treatment is to balance the whole body not just the pelvis.


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