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COVID Temperature Checks off the Boil..?

As a non medical person wanting to keep a tab on their COVID status, looking out for a body temperature increase along with a persistent cough may not be all I could look out for, to identify a COVID-19 virus infection. A recent paper in the British Medical Journal (1) has put forward 6 categories of symptoms. Each category has a slightly different syndrome, made up of symptoms people confirmed to have COVID 19, could remember as the start to their infection. The list of symptoms is by no means complete as people’s recollections are rarely perfect. However common to all of the 6 syndromes was a new headache and a loss of smell. Bringing these symptoms into the fore as being the salient symptoms people who have had COVID 19 can remember about the start of their infection.

Smell that coffee!

Common to all 6 groups wasn’t temperature or a cough it was a new headache and a loss of smell. Keeping a check on your smell can be easy, however you need to check regularly. Each day pick a smell that is reasonably easy to detect like brewing coffee. Provide yourself with a baseline of ‘I can smell that normally’. That way if you do get a new headache you can test your sense of smell straight away and consider taking yourself into isolation early as a gesture of protection toward others. Waiting for a raised temperature may mean you are potentially infecting people for two days before you isolate.

All people who visit the practice are logged and a track and trace system will be initiated if / as and when COVID 19 infections are confirmed. We will endeavour to continue our service in spite of the COVID virus and the common cold. As we approach the winter months the common cold sniffles and snuffles become the norm. Deciphering what is a common cold virus and what is a COVID 19 infection remains a challenge to all. A burden we share. In working individually to notice our lack of smell at the same time as a new headache we are in fact working together to slow the spread of COVID 19 and the common cold.

In the mean time stay well adjusted with Fascia First, keep your body moving, drink your daily water and spread only love and kindness.


  1. Wise J (2020) COVID-19: Study reveals six clusters of symptoms that could be used as a clinical prediction tool. BMJ 2020:370m2911

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