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PET-CT Scans show what Chiropractors have been saying…

Combining the technologies of PET and CT imaging, through computer rendering, researchers have been able to demonstrate metabolic change in the sacro-illiac (SIJ) ligament. Any engineer can tell you that when the physical properties of a material are altered, so too are the mechanics of that material. The SIJ syndrome has long been a chiropractic diagnosis, detectable through their highly trained touch and clinical evaluation of your joint mechanics. The human hand is a remarkable technology.

SIJ Separation
CT view of the pelvis

Chiropractors have long talked about seeing, with their touch, altered mechanics in the sacroilliac joints and ligament complex. Combining the technology of PET and CT scanning along with computer rendering objective support is inadvertently provided for a sacroilliac syndrome by non-chiropractic researchers. A Sacroilliac Joint ligament complex sprain (demonstrated in the paper below as metabolic changes) places the collection of symptoms that some people experience into the medical realm. Changes to the structure of the body is one definition of disease. However a Chiropractor doesn’t look to give you the name of a disease but to return you to an experience of your body that is comfortable. As a Chiropractor I have long commented that I can find it before it finds you!

From the results below(2), confirming metabolic changes in their SIJ ligament, 75% responded to physical treatments (the same figure as my 2017 clinical Track Record). Only 2% required surgery.


  1. Clinical Radiology 70 (2015) 787-800 – Introducing the technology in aseptic inflammation
  2. Tomography 4 (2) (2018) 72-77 – correlates PET-CT findings with clinical outcomes (pain)

PET-CT Scans show what Chiropractors have been saying… Comment

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