Track Record

I provide the following outcome data as part of my clinical governance process.

Fascia First Chiropractic (BCC) – Jan 17 – Aug 17 Snap-shot:

  • A return to self rated normal for 75% of people consulting with any musculoskeletal (MSK) pain.
  • Normalisation within 1-6 weeks
  • Between 2 – 5 treatment visits (mean 3.1 visits) to get back to how they were (range 2-5 visits).
  • Of the 25% who did not return to normal, 10% lived elsewhere in the country (referred on to continue care locally to their home), 10% discontinued care at visit 1 or 2 for unknown reasons and 5% consulted for reasons of wellness (asymptomatic to start with).
  • Change your ‘usual’ back to ‘normal’.

An ‘early recovery‘ was seen with Care in comparison to Placebo by several weeks of discomfort.


Patient Profile

67% male : 33% female, mean age of 43.5 yrs (range 10-78).

39% people presented with Chronic Back Pain,
11% of people presented with Chronic Neck Pain and
50% presented with psycho-social aspects to their pain experience.


National Outcomes

See what Chiropractic Care nationally can help with here


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