Track Record

Taking the strain away from surgeons to clear a back log can mean that expertise in MSK disorders could be beneficial to those who are not urgent cases for surgical intervention. Where the special skill of body adjustments (manipulation) is required to supplement referrals to surgeons or to provide support at a GP surgery (saving 5% of GP time) then contracting a Chiropractor part time could be an important addition to the health service. Provision of Care is about competency and not a particular profession especially where those with the greatest skill may not be working within the NHS already. Help could be provided also for those who prefer to avoid surgery.

To aid knowing of the service provision I provide please see below. I can be contacted at for more information as to how I might fit in with current service provision and your local Five Year Forward Plan.

Fascia First Chiropractic (BCC) – Jan 17 – Aug 17 Snap-shot:

  • A return to self rated normal occurred for 75% of people consulting Fascia First Chiropractic with any musculoskeletal (MSK) pain.
  • Returning to their normal within 1-6 weeks of care or
  • Between 2 – 5 treatment visits (mean 3.1).
  • The 25% who did not return to normal, 10% lived elsewhere in the country (referred on to continue care locally to their home), 10% discontinued care at visit 1 or 2 for unknown reasons and 5% consulted for reasons of wellness (asymptomatic).
  • Chiropractic Care Plan designed over 3-4 months to aid learning a new normal.

The results above demonstrate a positive effect of Chiropractic Care well in advance of the Probability of Recovery Curve. A curve considered to illustrate a do nothing approach of letting it get better on its own.

Of the new patients seen from February to Sept 2017 75% returned back to normal in an average of 3.1 visits (range of 2-5). 11% of people were just visiting (transitory), 11% discontinued care at visit 1 or 2 and 3% attended the practice for wellness care (no symptoms).

67% of new patients were male and 33% were female with an average age of 43.5 yrs (range 10-78). 39% people presented with Chronic Back Pain, 11% of people presented with Chronic Neck Pain and 50% presented with psycho-social aspects to their pain experience.