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Rib Muscles Part of Your Core

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Lee Wickham DC FRCC

Lee Wickham DC FRCC

I'm a non spine-centric Chiropractor and a 'Neuroplasticity' advocate, who believes in variety of movement.

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The rib muscles were used in a study of tummy pressure during a push whilst giving birth. The ribs were found to be significant in the amount of pressure recorded in the tummy. Adjusting the thorax could improve your co-ordinated pushing during your delivery. I have found in practice that the pressure of the thorax and pressure of the tummy are related. Sometimes when a chiropractor adjusts a different part of your body to that which you were expecting they may be looking to improve the co-ordinated efforts of your body. Giving birth need not lead to a loss of bladder control.

Demaria F et al (2004) Intercostal EMG to Quantify Maternal Expulsive Efforts during Pregnancy. Neurology and Urodynamics J 23 675-678

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