Acute Pain Strategies

Acute Pain Episode

If you have an acutely painful episode try to maintain motion. Within the confines of how much you seize up or can’t move, do what you can, keeping your focus on what ‘I can do’ at least some of the time. Naps in the day are helpful and can make up for not sleeping at night. Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids keeping an eye on your electrolytes too. Don’t push through pain, as you can’t beat yourself, because there is no one to come second!

Book yourself an appointment on Day 4 or later..

Acute Episode of a Chronic /Reoccurring Condition

‘getUBetter’ app helps people when recovering from a new or reoccurring MSK Injury



What Can I do as preventative strategies..?

Lifestyle is the key to being and experiencing healthy. Develop your healthy habits when you are well.



See your nearest walking group at

Bristol Walk Fest- An annual walking festival involving walks throughout the city. Information about how to get involved is available from:

Weight Loss support
Call 01454 865337 or for more information visit

Noom App – Food diary, exercise habits and coaching with a 14 day trial.


Quit smoking
See the smoke free app available with 1-1 support from Everyone Health. Email  or telephoning 0333 005 0095 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-7pm, Sat 10am-2pm)


Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)

Because anxiety, depression, excessive worry, low mood and poor sleep can enhance a painful experience.

Group courses for stress, anxiety, depression, excessive worry and low mood, including those with long term conditions: Bristol Mental Health Services – North Somerset & South Gloucestershire (

People can self-refer using this link: Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire – NHS Mental Health – Self Referral – Vita (


VitaMinds run a 6 week Fibromyalgia Webinar Course. Use the link  for referral information.


Return To Work

If your MSK condition is affecting your ability to work go to

The home adaptation service is for those who need mobility aids or adaptations to their home (under £1,000) see:


Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain

Designed to reduce pain and disability for people with hip and/or knee Osteoarthritis. Available at the following gyms:

Greenway Centre in Southmead, email

Brunel Fitness Centre in Speedwell, email

Circadian Trust in Bradley Stoke, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Thornbury and Yate, e-mail

See the website OVERVIEW / ESCAPE-pain Online to get started.

Online Exercise Class for arthritis:

A 30-minute movement session, designed specifically to help people with arthritis stay active, in a healthy way. Let’s Move with Leon | Versus Arthritis

Move it or Lose it:


Safe Exercise At Home Website – Safe exercise for older adults

Everything exercise / health and movement related from falls prevention, to healthy eating habits, strength for life and help with motivation and some technical help all guided from physiotherapists in Australia. Some NHS information is integrated onto the site. If you are looking for videos of exercises to do that are safe for the over 50’s or over 65’s or over 75’s than this is the resource for you.

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