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Plan of Care

  1. Is Change Possible? – The first appointment is all about looking to see if change is possible.
  2. The Second appointment is about a reminder of the findings of the first appointment, and to guide your reasonable expectations in your case. 
  3. The Third Appointment is ideal to have your questions answered that have developed since your first visit. What Can I do? What Should I Avoid?
  4. Symptomatic Improvement or normalisation usually occurs in the first 1-4 weeks
  5. Your course of Chiropractic will be designed over 120 days. Lasting beyond symptom relief to facilitate muscle repair (1) and therefore reinjury (tertiary) prevention.
  6. Old habits die hard. Support and Care for you to get through your change process likely around 2-12 weeks.
  7. New Biomechanical Normal‘ (2-3 months) happens subconsciously… Disease (2) and Deconditioning (3) can cause muscle patterns to go wrong in the first instance…
  8. Maintenance Care where applicable (4), could be as frequent as 9-12 times a year. For some, reoccurrences are to be expected.


Time frames above will be different if you are making use of Distance Appointments or Psychological / Physical combination appointments. Those utilising Distance Appointments look to get 2 regular treatments into the time of one Distance Appointment. However, having more treatment doesn’t speed up the time frame of recovery eg muscles still need 2-3 months to repair. The benefit in taking a Distance Appointment is that you do not need to travel as often. Psychological / Physical patients will be individually helped, sometimes muscles just don’t get better until the psychological aspect has been dealt with.


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