Recommended Products

Serola Belt 
Very good for chronic recurrent Sacro illiac Joint complaints and you need to keep using your back for work.

Superfeet Footbeds
Helpful for heel pain and or foot pain, knee pain and some back pain.

Friel Wedges helps people reorientate their pelvis during prolonged sitting

Flexall Topical Analgesic is helpful for muscle and joints that have become painful, made by a pharmaceutical company yet made from natural ingredients

Capsicum Cream- A plant based cream for minor aches and stiffness of muscles by the Canadian company Homeocan, Montreal.

Supplements I use and do not sell:

NAC (Now Foods) 1000mg

Vitamin C + Zinc 1000mg

Tocamin (Healthy Origins) 50mg

Mg Malate (Source Naturals) 1250mg

EPA-DHA 2:1 Ratio (Jarrow Formulas) 1000mg