As well as working as a Chiropractic Clinician, Lee dedicates some of his working time to the Academy of Healthcare Scientists
Where he is a registration Council Member. The Academy looks to provide regulation services for healthcare workers who do not have other regulatory options.

Lee Believes that opting for voluntary registration is a gesture that improves trust, the foundation of medicine. The honest and decent clinician wants only to help those who they can in their area of medicinal knowledge, skills and competencies. Medicine is not an exact science and thus guarantees are not forthcoming when treatments are offered or test results given and mishaps can bring undue misapprehension into the public sphere about a clinician’s intention.

Looking forward the wider medical team will find themselves in a more chaotic structure of who interacts with who in the delivery of healthcare services of the future. It will be the autonomous healthcare professional who shows their honest intent regardless of their hierarchical position who will likely avoid public opprobrium.


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