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Professionalism (1) is the belief system that the members of a profession profess to each other and the public. Members of a profession will share knowledge skills and competencies to provide the special skill of the profession in question. The public can be assured that Chiropractors are going to provide a certain behaviour toward them, a behaviour that is regulated by a statutory body (The GCC). Where a member of the public decides to complain about the conduct of a Chiropractor they have an avenue through which they can have a voice to be heard to an end of a greater good and not simply handing out punishments.

Chiropractic is a minority medical profession that struggles for societal acceptance. A profession that can be misunderstood much like any other minority group. Chiropractic is not extreme in concepts, ideas or principles and could integrate into existing services available on the NHS for the benefit of the public.

The move toward a new public health model of chiropractic service delivery (2) may hopefully reduce the gap of mis-understanding between what is socially justifiable and what each individual chiropractor endorses. Developing a shared meaning in what the profession of Chiropractors believe they know, do and provide. Communication via the medium of ethics, could facilitate an easy acceptance of Chiropractic by other groups of medical professionals. Ethics is a language to be shared throughout society that can bring diverse populations together.

Professionalism is built upon a belief and a belief has been defined at common law (3), a definition that is built with ethics. Ethics could be the value system of generating meaning that has opportunity to bring multiple professions together through shared meaningful ethics of conduct, quality and professionalism. The Royal College of Chiropractors is an apolitical membership body concerned with the quality and professionalism of chiropractors and the safety of chiropractic patients. Lee has been a Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractors since 2008.


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