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Pregnancy and Infants

During pregnancy mum’s body changes, growing impressively around the core area. If mum’s core wasn’t balanced to start her pregnancy then the growth of the central region could well accentuate a previously held muscular imbalance. In Lee’s opinion mums can benefit most from Chiropractic Care in the 2nd trimester with occassional check ups in the third trimester. If mum is a current Chiropractic patient then she will have a much lighter pregnancy treatment plan to a non Chiropractic user. Lee has helped many pregnant women with their necks, ribs, back and bump. If you have discomfort whilst you are pregnant then some help along the way could be just what your body needs. When the time comes to push, balanced muscles will push together in a coordinated fashion, because coordinated muscles are strong,


A first infant check-up with their chiropractor can check some neurological reflexes, tongue tie and palate shape (particularly when feeding is an issue). Infants use 6 cranial nerves, 34 cranial sutures, and 60 muscles to suck, swallow and breathe! (1) Having a muscles and joint check from the off may improve how long an inconsolable irritable infant with regular sleep will cry for.(2) Those babies who are irritable with disordered sleep do not tend to respond well to chiropractic care.(3)

Lee, as your Chiropractor, would love to help you reach and keep a balanced core musculature through your pregnancy and help identify if your infant has an irritable infant syndrome of musculoskeletal origin [IISMO] (2). Traditionally speaking a ‘collicky’ baby is one who cries for over 3 hours in a day for 3 days in any one week where they are apparently inconsolable.(4)

General advice for new mums is to allow their baby 6-8 weeks before bringing them for their first chiropractic check up as research has found a significant reduction in crying hours occurs at this time naturally.(5) A normal amount of crying during the first two months can be 1.5-3 hours a day.(6) During the first two months if you wish to provide your infant with a probiotic supplement this may reduce their hours of crying (7) or if you’d like to present your infant to your chiropractor for a plagiocephaly (head shape or cranial) check then enquire if your chiropractor is cranially competent to do this.

Lee has helped many infants over the years to be more comfortable following their cranial treatment.

However you wish to help your children in life and facilitate your body in moving on from birthing, a chiropractic check up could be a really good idea for both mum and baby.



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