Pictures for Postural Assessment

Posture Assessment Request Form


  • Submit your Request
  • We will email you back with details on where to send payment and how to send your pictures
  • We require 2 photos to make an assessment one of you facing away from the camera and one of you facing sideways on.
  • Pictures must include your full length
  • Please wear sports wear or similar clothing to enable us to look at how you hold your body such as yoga clothing – No Hoodies please!
  • Each assessment costs £5
  • You will receive a write up of how you currently hold your body
  • Demonstration on your pictures of how you are aligned
  • Details of any potential weaknesses that may be present

This is often the first action a chiropractor will take when you visit when assessing how they can help you. posture depicts the subconscious control of muscles and joints, often people will attempt to amend their posture when concentrating on it, this can lead to muscular skeletal conditions if done repeatedly.