Pictures for Posture

If you would like a registered healthcare professional to take a look at your body, without the inconvenience of making a physical appointment, and provide you with the imbalances they see in your posture, follow the instructions below;


  • Submit your Request on the form below
  • We require 2 photos to make an assessment one of you facing away from the camera and one of you facing sideways on.
  • Pictures must include your full length
  • Please wear sports wear or similar clothing to enable us to look at how you hold your body such as yoga clothing – No Hoodies please!
  • Each assessment costs £10 (payable before report is sent out and after request is made)
  • You will receive a e-postcard (don’t forget to leave your e-mail!)
  • Your postural faults will be pointed out by stick man
  • You’ll receive details on your likely muscular weakness which will provide you with the musculature to try and strengthen.

Posture depicts a current mindset and /or the subconscious control of muscles and joints. People who attempt to amend their posture consciously can cause exactly what they are trying to avoid because motor patterns are not stored in the (conscious) semantic or procedural memory.

Posture Assessment Request Form
please upload 2 photos - these must show your full length, one from your front and one from your side *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
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