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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can help you to keep a reasonable impression of what your pain experience relates to in your body about your body and what it might mean about you or reinforce about you. Addressing these issues can be like a weight has been lifted.

Typically unknown responses from people close to you or dealing with people who are unaware of their influential impact upon you can affect your MSK health.  Loss (perceived and real) and unspoken responsibilities can also weigh us down. Some people ‘have the world on their shoulders’ or ‘shoulder all the responsibility’ others may find themselves doubting their resilience to keep up their current level of effort and feel that in their back as they don’t have the ‘back bone’ to ‘stand up’, continue or ‘face down’ a predicament in their life. An perceived inability to ‘push forward’ in life can ensue.

Anxiety is the corollary of increased muscle tone. Increased muscle tone can mean muscles can get sore.

Depression is a predictor of future back pain episodes.

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