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How Long, How Much

Chiropractic Care provides learning to your subconcious co-ordinated muscle and joint movement patterns. In the consultation you present your body in its current normal state, which you have learnt over time whether you meant to or not. We are constantly learning. Part of the process of change from your unwanted painful normal is to unlearn it as well as learn a new normal that is more efficient and thus less painful because the loading within your body is shared out more. The time taken to learn long lasting muscular coordination is 3-4 months at best.

The unlearning effect means that it can feel as though your problem has come back. During your transition of change from one normal to another you do not immediately forget what you have learnt as soon as you learn something new. There is to be expected some ‘toing’ and ‘frowing’ with your condition as you unlearn/learn (aka improve) over time.

Changing your connective tissue can take 12-24 months. Changing your mind about your bad condition can take seconds. The time frame when helping someone with their pain experience is vast. On average people will normalise with muscular imbalance over a 4 month period including about 3-7 visits. When a person has leg pain then they on average take 9-15 visits over a 6 month period. If the pain is something to do with the persons connective tissue then the process of getting totally better could be a couple of years. Which of course in this time normal people have to continue to use their spine. hence why bad backs, necks, headaches, migraines of MSK origin can go on for many years in about 5-10% of cases.

Talk with your Chiropractor to stay on top of your time, money and longer term MSK health.

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