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The nature of Chiropractic intervention can sometimes be alarming and or feel wrong. Knowing that student chiropractors join the medical professions in the UK as a Chiropractor because they want to help people and student intake is still healthy even though students of Chiropractic need to find £40k+ in fees to learn to be a Chiropractor. The educational standards today lead a chiropractic student to graduate with an undergraduate masters degree and following a 12 – 18 month training on the job gain the honorary title of Doctor of Chiropractic.  These facts can all help you to recognise that your chiropractor really knows what he/she is doing.

In an attempt to help people understand Chiropractic the simplified models that have evolved have both been helpful and unhelpful. In this section I point out some unhelpful models that have been simplified beyond what is really happening. Sometimes it can be difficult to comprehend how what is done for you by your Chiropractor relates to your pain experience and the likely impression you hold about what is wrong with you. In dispelling the unhelpful models I hope to educate you enough to grasp how very important Chiropractic care is to all bodys with joints muscles, ligaments and fascia!

I also touch upon some likely time frames and cost scenarios as well as expectations about the course of your pain experience when utilising Chiropractic Care. If you leave it pain can drift away but the problem stays becoming integrated into your new normal. Over time we accumulate ‘new normals’. Chiropractic Care can help you to interrupt your accumulated learning of ‘new normals’ providing your body with more movement options that it would have had altering your brains interpretation of what is normal for your body. Improving your body’s condition over time.

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