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Patient Education

Not your classic education of sit up straight and get more physical activity. What you get here are ideas (suggested action), Principles (morally based values of behaviour and attitude) and concepts (mental image or intent). Within a person’s philosophy it is their ideas, concepts and principles that facilitate how medical conditions can take hold.

For example if I accept the ‘worn out’ model, then I will not get better, because I am worn out. However if I were to hold a different view about the same concern/symptom then I could experience me again. The ideas principles and concepts offered here are those that I have noticed have benefited patients in the last 20 years. They are in no particular order and are intended to offer food for thought for your health.

What follows are phrases / limitations that people say when their back has gone and I present them here for information sharing purposes so that you too might know when your back has gone. The time to see a Chiropractor…

‘Can’t get in or out of the car without pain’
‘Can’t roll over in bed without it hurting’
‘Can’t get my socks on or do up my laces’
‘Can’t turn my head to reverse the car’
‘I seized up after talking to a dinner guest turned to one side all evening’
‘I can’t reach into the back seat’
‘I can’t get my child’s seat in and out of the car without soreness’
‘It hurts me to get into sideways seats like on a plane or at the theatre’
‘Drying my hair with a towel hurts my back’
‘I’d be ok if it weren’t for the lip of the boot when I’m getting things in and out of the car’
‘Pulling open a door is painful’ (washing machine included)
‘My dog hurts me when they pull’
‘Sitting Aggravates (20min)’, ‘Standing Aggravates (30min)’
‘I can’t bend forward to brush my teeth’
‘Standing up from sitting down is the worst’
‘I certainly do not want to sneeze!’
‘Laying flat on my back is sore and uncomfortable’, ‘builds pressure’
‘Bending forwards makes my back pain worse’, ‘or better’
‘Sudden movements catch me’
‘Driving around the roundabout is sore’
‘I can’t reach the coffee on the top shelf’
‘Walking aggravates me, when the pain was less I could stretch backward, now I can’t’
‘I feel like all of my elasticity has gone’
‘After that twang, click, tearing sensation I was just not the same’

Problems that respond to cranial care may be:
There is discomfort when travelling by plane, particularly take off and/or landing
You can equalise but yet can’t affect the pressure build up in your head when diving

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