Chiropractors receive a curriculum consisting of 4620 educational hours, a Physiotherapist receives 3,870 hours and a medical doctor receives 4,800 hours. There is no other profession that receives as many educational hours in body manipulation (adjustments) than Chiropractors do in their undergraduate training.

The type of Care received at first episode of Back Pain can affect costs later. The American Speciality Health Plans (ASHP) found 12% savings with Chiropractic Care and Medical Management for back pain over that of Medical Management only. Based upon a cohort of 1.7 million people over four years.

We all know posture is important yet it only takes a forward head carriage of 1.7cm to increase the risk of early death (1.44 OR), increase atherosclerosis, pulmonary disease and poor physical function (2). Posture can speak volumes about the ups and downs of life experience.





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