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Primary Care Private Online Appointments

Primary Care is a first contact service that is accessible when needed, continued into long term health not just short term disease, comprehensive and coordinated as part of your wider healthcare team.

  1. Have your concerns heard and your story listened to and receive an online physical examination.
  2. Receive an online psychosocial assessment.
  3. Medical tests likely required to further a diagnosis will be outlined.
  4. Self Directed interventions will be identified.
  5. An online explanation, opinion and a suggested treatment plan will be offered as part of a follow up to the session.
  6. Scan or imaging referral will be made if clinically indicated (UK only)
  7. Onward referral will be given where required (UK only)
  8. A follow up note to your GP about online opinion formed to update your medical record (UK only).


Booking Process

  1. Fill out P-data and P-ice
  2. Re-directed to online diary here.
  3. Choose a time
  4. Pay for your booking to confirm appointment.
  5. After the consultation a treatment plan outline will be sent to your e-mail address
  6. Referrals will be made through the postal service where needed.
  7. Finally a follow up e-mail will be sent to you usually 6-8 weeks later.
  8. You get all of this for just £40.


40 min Online First Contact MSK Consult – £40;

  • Rule out serious conditions,
  • Describe the Likely muscles and joints generating your pain, injury, or strain,
  • Exercise advice, to see if are you doing it right?
  • Nutritional tips or natural methods / products to combat aches and pains.
  • Insurance reports are an additional £50 and need be requested by your Solicitors.

Postural Assessment – £25
postural assessment.


Free Resources:

Muscle_Pain_MGT  FasciaFirstChiropractic Infographic.





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