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Online Appointments

Choose the Appointment Type that best suits you:


(Private) Online First Contact MSK Consult – £55;

  • Reassurance in ruling out unlikely yet serious conditions,
  • Find out the likely muscles and joints generating your pain,
  • What has been injured, strained or sprained,
  • Immediate management advice
  • Longer term exercise suggestions
  • Awareness of products to combat aches and pains.
  • Gaining a convenient second opinion
  • Insurance reports / Expert Opinion from £175.


Follow up MSK online session £55

  • 30 min check in on you
  • Assessment of progress against expected progress
  • Used for Safety Netting in borderline situations
  • Exercise check ups – are you doing them right
  • Moral support for your decisions
  • Decision making assistance


Postural Pictures to Identify with Patterns of Muscular Weakness- £25

  • Posture is subconscious demonstrating muscular coordination
  • Muscular coordination and joint centring enable ideal posture
  • Likely muscular (inhibitions) weaknesses are picked out from your Postural Pictures
  • Somatic Dysfunction and Hypermobility may be mentioned
  • Recommended onward referral if you are unable to see Lee
  • A Postural Assessment. can help you to prevent MSK problems through self directed exercise
  • Book a follow up online appointment to get more information about what you can do for yourself



Online appointments are a convenient route to getting the healthcare advice you need,
(Short term help or longer term support. Use them in conjunction with your wider healthcare team.)

  1. Have your concerns heard and your story listened to
  2. Online physical examination.
  3. Online psychosocial assessment.
  4. Get the reassurance or direction you’re looking for.
  5. Professional explanation, MSK opinion and a suggested treatment plan are included.
  6. Scan or imaging referral can be made (UK Only).
  7. Onward referral can be provided (UK Only).
  8. Written note to your GP can update your medical record (UK only).


Booking Process

  1. Fill out P-data and P-ice
  2. Choose a time from the online diary.
  3. Pay for your booking to confirm appointment.
  4. Receive appointment invite
  5. Receive an after session summary e-mail
  6. Referrals for imaging (X-ray, MRI, U/S or CT Scans) taken up carry a £20 admin fee.
  7. Receive a follow up enquiry as to your progress / experience



Free Resources:

Muscle_Pain_MGT  FasciaFirstChiropractic Infographic.





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