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Pictures for Posture

If you would like your posture analysed without the inconvenience of a physical appointment, follow the instructions below;


  • Submit your request on the form below 
  • Once submitted you will be provided with a paypal option to pay.
  • No information will be shared until payment has been received
  • Submit 2 full length photos one facing the camera and one sideways to the camera. 
  • Please wear sports wear or similar clothing such as yoga clothing – No hoodies please!
  • Each assessment costs £25, is for those over 18 and is provided in English only.
  • Once you’ve paid Lee will e-mail your postural assessment indicating likely muscular weakness.
  • Postural patterns of muscular weakness can be used to help you exercise muscles you really need to.

If you would like an online consultation regarding your postural report and advice about strengthening your body- book here for only £60.

Posture depicts the subconscious balance of your muscles and joints. Muscular imbalance leads to degeneration. 

Posture Assessment Request Form
Please upload 2 photos - these must show your full length, one from your front and one from your side *
Maximum upload size: 516MB

Privacy Statement

People who attempt to amend their posture consciously by holding themselves can cause exactly the fault they are trying to avoid because motor (muscle) patterns are not stored in the conscious, semantic / procedural memory. Having a series of exercises could help you to improve your posture over several months. Ideal Posture.  

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