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Pictures for Posture

For those who would like their posture analysed for obvious muscular imbalances, without a physical appointment.



  • Take 3 full length pictures on your phone one forward, one rear and one sideways in gym clothing 
  • Whatsapp or similar them to the clinic phone (see top of page) with a text asking for postural analysis
  • A payment link will be sent back to you. Use this link to pay the fee.
  • When paid a postural opinion will be provided about muscular imbalance
  • Helping you to design an exercise routine or assist your trainer in supplementing your workouts
  • Each assessment costs £25, is for those over 18 and is provided in English only.


If you would like an online consultation regarding your postural report and advice about strengthening your body-

book here .


Or you may be interested in reading this free blog


Muscular imbalance leads to degeneration. 



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People who attempt to amend their posture consciously by holding themselves can cause exactly the fault they are trying to avoid because motor (muscle) patterns are not stored in the conscious, semantic / procedural memory. Having a series of exercises could help you to improve your posture over several months.

See here what Ideal Posture looks like.  

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