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Visceral Chiropractic

The viscera are the organs that are situated in the main part of the body. Organs are held in place by fascia and are mobile having a tract of movement that is able to facilitate the motion that we ask of ourselves. Where the tract of movement is altered through abnormal loading and or conflicting sensory motor signals the result is a subtraction from your movement efficiency (Hedley G. (2010) Visceral adhesions and pathology. JBMT. 14,(3), 255- 261).

The fascia of the lower back is particularly complex around the lower thoracic spine with some abdominal fascia actually encasing nerve roots meaning nerve entrapment type pain could be fascial in origin. We ideally want to have an abdominal cavity that is physiologically and mechanically functional. A strong core.

Sometimes back pain can be as a result of abdominal fascia changing in it’s visco-elasticity. Some head pain can be as a result of the abdominal cavity unable to regulate pressure changes. Abdominal mechanical dysfunction could change how you feel in your back, as well as change the way you breathe.

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