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Types of Chiropractor

Chiropractic literally means done by hand. The aim of any Chiropractor is to correct sensory motor dysfunction. In other words stop you stiffening up because you are working against yourself in the way you move.

All muscles have a pattern of pain distribution, as do joints, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. Your Chiropractor is trained to identify possible sources for your pain through their knowledge of pain patterns and their ability to look at and feel (palpate) your body piecing together your presenting chain of compensations, provenance tissue (where it all started) and then decide what forces will help your body and brain re-coordinate and relearn your body movement, whilst unlearning old habits sub consciously.

The different approaches to categorise dysfunctional patterns of movement in your body are called techniques. The technique a chiropractor uses to help you might be called ‘Gonstead’ , ‘Diversified’ , SOT, NIP, ‘Thompson’, ‘Activator’, ‘Network’, ‘Biophysics’ etc.

Personally I use a range of techniques that follow the general rule that if a light intervention clears movement faults leading to pain then a harder intervention is not required. Overall Chiropractic is a profession not a treatment.

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