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Non Specific Back Pain

When your pain varies or is not felt in any one definite place then it is called non specific back pain. This type of pain in the back is very common usually felt as a niggle and something that soon symptomatically passes in 12-72 hours. Muscular imbalances are not ‘cleared’ with rest which is why the problem will re-occur. Typically people who contract Neck and Back pain will experience re-occurrences more often than not. Episodes will continue until the muscular imbalance is addressed. Until muscular imbalance is addressed it will be learnt and adopted as your normal.

The Pain system (nocio-ception) is non specific as the provenance muscle / joint problem continues to be mechanically abnormal. By this I mean the elasticity and the rebound quality of the body tissues has altered. Pain is commonly thought to be where damaged or injured tissue can be found. Pain is an emotional experience which can operate independent to damaged tissue.

Non Specific Neck and Back Pain episodes are often chronic , recurring without a precipitating event. The intensity of pain is that of a ‘Grumbly Back’ typically in the past labelled lumbago.

Private Treatment

Chiropractic has been shown to be more effective than exercise at 12 month follow up and gets the best results with chronic recurring episodes of neck and back pain with 9-12 visits a year as a tertiary prevention management technique to avoid disabling episodes. Why wait 3 months on the NHS to get the treatment you can benefit from today privately. Self refer yourself to a Chiropractor.


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