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Why Fascia First

Fascia is well connected to your brain, having more free nerve endings than you could find in your eyes. Fascia is also known as connective tissue, is the most pain sensitive structure that your body has in its list of components, has links to your limbic brain stem, which as a consequence, can be affected by your level of fear and is heavily involved in posture, injury and repetitive movements

Fascia registers gravity to inform your brain about your shape, helping the mapping process of your brain about your body to provide the information your brain requires to calculate how to move your joints and muscles. In short fascia could be the reason why your joints and muscles are not working correctly causing muscles to be strained and joints to be abnormally loaded, leading to wear and tear.

Your personal way of moving, the sequences of your muscles joints and ligaments are learnt. Even when the sequencing is unhelpful or causes pain. Knowing whether you have a fascial condition that is causing your joints  and muscles to be painful is a skill routinely found outside of Chiropractic. However, I as a chiropractor, consider fascial integrity to be so important to long term body conditioning that I approach body pain syndromes in a Fascia First way.

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