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Fascia First Chiropractic

Muscles are not stand alone units of functional tissue within the human body. As a muscle contracts it also pushes out against surrounding fascia . Muscles cannot work in isolation from other muscles nor any other tissue in the human body. The integrity of fascia can alter muscle strength and alter muscle tone.

Fascia is not just a mechanical body shape signalling system for the brain. Fascia can also signal activity in immune cells such as mast cells. The free nerve endings of the fascia are also involved in the immune system signalling of white blood cells e.g. basophils, mast cells and macrophages.

Motion is lotion for your healthy fascia. Fascia First Chiropractic is an approach to make sure that fascial sinews are normal so that chiropractic adjustments can be safely introduced maximising long term conditioning in conjunction with your regular exercise or movement routine.


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