Meet The Chiropractor

Before qualifying as a Chiropractor Gym Instruction and Shiatsu gave a basic idea of exercise application and an early development of a seeing touch. The first Volunteer post was in a Polyclinica in Cuba.

Why the Sore Arm..?!

Following graduation from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, the bi-directional nature of nerve impulses led to certification in chiropractic extremity techniques, whilst completing Post Registration Training (PRT) at Winchester Chiropractic Clinic. The PRT year culminated in the professional award of Doctor of Chiropractic.

Nutrition was the subsequent interest sparking phlebotomy training at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Public Health Nutrition training at Southampton Medical School.

The following exploration of the experience of movement (internal movement) lead to a Practitioner Diploma in Qi Gong (ancient Chinese Exercise) from the London College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. An interest of interoception (internal bodily sensations) remains developing as a brain-body / body-brain interaction.

The first exploration of teaching occurred whilst being part of a steering committee to develop a chiropractic degree course at Kingston University.

Further Academic Study of Clinical Development and Governance culminated in a Post Graduate Diploma from the University of South Wales in 2011. Eagerness to spread the word about the body-brain / brain-body interaction and interoception led to presentation as the opening speaker at the World Chiropractic Student Conference on Leadership in 2014.

The students who invited me to speak are all now Doctors of Chiropractic

2015 was a volunteering / sabbatical year around Europe ending up with 3.5 months of yoga training. An interesting adjunct to western and ancient Chinese exercises.

On return to clinical practise a change in UK law sparked legal scholarship and Med Co certification to assess Whiplash trauma and graduation with an LLM degree (Medical Law) from Cardiff University in 2019.

Pear Drop Fracture following a Whiplash Type Trauma in a child.

Since 2007 an integration of the psychological and the physical has formed the clinical approach to MSK (muscle and joint) pain at Fascia First Chiropractic.