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My Background

Before I qualified as a Chiropractor I worked as a Gym Instructor and studied Shiatsu giving me a basic idea of the application of exercises and an early development of a seeing touch. Just before my chiropractic graduation my first voluntary position as a chiropractor was in a hospital in Cuba. My activities in Cuba became part of my final year portfolio.

Following graduation as a Chiropractor from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (The first class, of the first government funded chiropractic degree course in the UK). It was the bi-directional nature of nerve impulses that led me to study chiropractic extremity techniques not included at undergraduate level at Solihull Hospital Medical Education Centre, whilst I completed my year of supervised clinical practise in Winchester for a Doctor of Chiropractic professional qualification.

Nutrition caught my interest as did laboratory testing and both sparked phlebotomy training at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Public Health Nutrition training at Southampton Medical School. The level of uncertainty led me back into an interest of exercise. In particular how we experience movement internally. At that time there was no modern concept but today one might say the interoception of movement. I studied Qi Gong (ancient Chinese exercise systems) at the London School of Oriental Medicine and Traditional Acupuncture in Finchley, North London. My conclusion from these studies was that the way we move not the tasks we perform really could hold the answer to why some parts of our body wear out and others stay healthy as we age.

I was excited and wanted to share my findings with all, and found myself on the steering committee of a potential chiropractic degree course at Kingston University. My first venture into education opened my eyes to the machinery of health care in particular inside the NHS. I took up the opportunity to be part of another pilot course in the UK and studied Clinical Chiropractic Development at the University of South Wales. I gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Chiropractic before the course was discontinued due to lack of demand. Making me quite a rare chiropractor because I possessed mainstream healthcare practice knowledge. My eagerness to spread the word about the interaction of the body brain and the brain body, as well as the way in which we move habitually wound me up as the opening speaker at the World Chiropractic Student Conference on Leadership in 2014.

In 2015 I enjoyed a sabbatical year volunteering around Europe from Qi Gong in Sweden, to Ponies in Poland and yoga in Morocco. My 3.5 months of yoga training did however concur very much with my experiential knowledge of movement I had developed from Qi Gong. Leading me to the conclusion that if the same message is coming from such varied sources there is a truth to behold.

From my keen interest in the behavioural affects upon the neck and shoulder muscles of stress, psycho-social impacts and postural distortion from Whiplash traumas. I progressed to become Med Co certified to assess Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) in 2016. Further into 2016 I embarked upon an LLM degree course on the legal aspects of medical practice at Cardiff Law School. I continue to practise Tai Chi and explore the movement of my human body from an interoceptive perspective. An incredibly interesting area of neurology with regard to body awareness.

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