Meet The Chiropractor

Before Lee Wickham qualified as a Chiropractor Gym Instruction and Shiatsu gave Lee a basic idea of exercise application and an early development of a seeing therapeutic touch. Lee’s first Volunteer post was in a Polyclinica in Cuba in 2000 as a chiropractic student.

Why the Sore Arm..?!

The bi-directional nature of nerve impulses led Lee to gain certification in chiropractic extremity techniques known as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner. Lee completed Post Registration Training (PRT) at Winchester Chiropractic Clinic culminating in the professional courtesy award of Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) from the European Chiropractors Union Board of Education.

Nutrition was the subsequent interest sparking phlebotomy training at the Royal Berkshire Hospital to draw blood for private laboratory testing and Public Health Nutrition training at Southampton Medical School.

Lee’s self exploration of the experience of moving his body lead to a Practitioner Diploma in Qi Gong (ancient Chinese Exercise) from the London College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. An interest of interoception (internal bodily sensations) remains developing as a brain-body / body-brain interaction of human experience. Culminating in Lee being the opening speaker at the World Chiropractic Student Congress, 2014, in Leadership.

The first exploration of teaching occurred whilst being part of a steering committee to develop a chiropractic degree course at Kingston University. Further academic study achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Governance from the University of South Wales in 2011.

The students who invited me to speak are all now Doctors of Chiropractic

In 2015 Lee grabbed an opportunity to experience 3.5 months of yoga training giving him insights into the similarities and differences between ancient Chinese, ancient Indian exercise systems. and western physical activity, exercise and neuro-rehabilitative movements.

A change in the UK law limiting Lee’s practise scope in 2016 sparked legal scholarship firstly in the form of Med Co certification to assess Whiplash trauma and secondly in an LLM degree (Legal Aspects of Medical Practise) from Cardiff University in 2019.

Pear Drop Fracture following a Whiplash Type Trauma in a child.

Lee practises an integrated approach to muscle and joint concerns drawing on the ancient and the modern, psychological and physical aspects of pain. Lee believes in being a teacher rather than a guru because that way the application of his knowledge and skills is patient led. Specifically in Chiropractic he practises the SOT technique a (mostly gentle) full spine approach to feeling better.

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