The trained touch of a human upon another human with only a healthful intent is known as Chiropractic Care. Chiropractors are so well trained to touch the human body with healthful intent that interventions can be alarming and confusing or well understood and comforting. However when your Chiropractor clinically appraises your body’s needs he will apply his touch with your safety and improved health in mind.

Of the new patients seen at the Beaminster Practice from February to Sept 2017 75% returned back to normal in an average of 3.1 visits (range of 2-5). 11% of people were just visiting (transitory), 11% discontinued care at visit 1 or 2 and 3% attended the practice for wellness care (no symptoms).

67% of new patients were male and 33% were female with an average age of 43.5 yrs (range 10-78). 39% people presented with Chronic Back Pain, 11% of people presented with Chronic Neck Pain and 50% presented with Psychosocial Aspects to their pain experience.