Injuries, Conditions and Evidence

Sprains, strains, concerning body posture or tight stiff and sore parts can be helped at Fascia First Chiropractic, simply follow the 3 day rule. If your muscle and joint symptoms reoccur or a new muscle and joint symptom is not starting to get better after 3 days (the 3 day rule) then book in.

After 3 days your body will likely compensate, like your nose does if it stays in a bad smell, but quicker. We think the bad smell has gone but really we’ve grown accustomed to it. Amazing how our usual way of moving can insidiously depart from a healthy normal.

When your body limps or changes the way it moves we call that a compensation. Once your body has figured out how to get around the problem (for now), or in other words compensates, you may no longer have aches and pains. You think all is well but underneath there is an inefficient way of moving which may lead to wear and tear. Reoccurring aches and pains could mean your pain system is picking up on such wear and tear. 

If you have been told you have a medical condition you might believe your have to put up with aches and pains. People with medical conditions can have muscle and joint pains at the same time. Your muscles and joints could likely do with a helping hand. During your consultation you could find out the fundamental cause of your muscular aches, ligament sprains and/or articular pains. Book today.


Trebecular Bone Changes

Scientific evidence for Chiropractic Care in the UK was reviewed in 2010. The list of conditions that have been scientifically recorded to be helped by Chiropractic Care is available here. The original paper was published in the Journal ‘Chiropractic and Osteopathy’. The Advertising Standards Regulator (ASA) have published a list of accepted medical conditions Chiropractors may claim to treat.  


The oldest established school of Chiropractic in the USA; Palmer School of Chiropractic has a slightly different approach found here.  


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