Injuries, Conditions and Evidence

Sprains, strains, concerning body posture or tight stiff and sore parts can be helped at Fascia First Chiropractic, simply follow the 3 day rule. If your muscle and joint symptoms reoccur or a new muscle and joint symptom is not starting to get better after 3 days (the 3 day rule) then book in.

After 3 days you are likely compensating. Adapting your usual way of moving away from the normal most efficient way of moving. The same neurological phenomenon occurs when we stay in a bad smell, we think the bad smell has gone but really we’ve just grown accustomed to it. Getting used to it neurologically is called accommodation and is the reason why being guided by symptoms only is a flawed approach to your muscle and joint health.

When you’ve grown used to a compensation and adopted a compensation strategy as normal you may no longer have any symptoms. You think all is well but underneath the calm no pain experience could be an inefficient way of moving that you have gotten used to. Reoccurring symptom experiences can give us insight into inefficient compensatory movement patterns.

If you have symptoms from a medical condition book in today to find out if some of your symptom(s) can be helped through Chiropractic Care. When people have medical conditions they can fall into the trap of thinking all of their aches and pains are due to the medical condition. People with medical conditions can have muscle and joint pains at the same time.

Grab a consultation today and find out about the fundamental reason why human beings get muscle and joint symptoms even when they do everything right and avoid doing anything wrong.

Scientific evidence for Chiropractic Care in the UK was reviewed in 2010. The list of conditions that have been scientifically recorded to be helped by Chiropractic Care is available here. The original paper was published in the Journal ‘Chiropractic and Osteopathy’. The Advertising Standards Regulator (ASA) have published a list of accepted medical conditions Chiropractors may claim to treat.  

The oldest established school of Chiropractic in the USA; Palmer School of Chiropractic has a slightly different approach found here.  

I. Pay attention to the 5 aspects of your symptoms,
II. Visit your Chiropractor (to test your function)
III. Allow the requisite time for healing to take place and
IV. Finish your course of Chiropractic treatment.

Muscular healing, continues even when symptoms have cleared. Muscles are not necessarily better just because your symptoms have resolved (see Hides et al). Getting your approach correct can save you in the long run and evidence suggests that Chiropractic Care could be your longer term better bet.


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