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Mental Health

  • Acute or chronic back pain associated with Depression
  • Anxious Muscular Tension
  • Sleep disruption due to worries (e.g. can’t ‘relax’)


Minor sport injuries (or perhaps even non sporty) sprains and strains that cause concerning body posture, tight muscles or stiff joints can be helped at Fascia First Chiropractic.




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  • Scientific evidence for Chiropractic Care in the UK was reviewed in 2010. The list of conditions helped can be seen here.

  • The Advertising Standards Agency Regulator (ASA) have published a list of accepted medical conditions Chiropractors can help.

  • The oldest established school of Chiropractic in the USA; Palmer School of Chiropractic has a conditions list here.  
  • What the Royal College of Chiropractors see that Chiropractors can help with here

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