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Area of Expertise

I have an expertise in a variety of MSK interventions including manipulation, dry needling, and fascial release as well as a knowledge of ‘The Code’ (GCC, 2016) and 18 years experience of patient communication in a clinical context.

Joint Report
I am able to discuss with other Experts differing points of view.

Court Attendance
Please check with me if I am able to attend the trial dates.

Conflict of Interest
Please ensure that I do not personally know the clinician involved.

Terms of Instruction
The capacity of the instruction
The services required of me; report, answer questions, give oral evidence
Timescale involved for delivery of information required
Fee schedule is £160/h
Timescale of expected payment
Travelling expenses and disbursement stipulations
Cancellation charges
Court Fees
Where fee payment will come from
Fee Assessment (public funding cases)
Specific directions for the case and or report required.
Copies of court orders or directions that may affect the preparation of a report.

Instructions can be unacceptable because of

  • Unreasonable deadlines,
  • Insufficiently clear instruction
  • Instruction that falls outside of my expertise
  • Insufficient Instruction to complete the work
  • Circumstances prevent me from completing the work
  • Unable to comply with any orders made
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